City Recycle Center

The City Recycle Center is available for all community members to bring material for recycling, including apartment dwellers, businesses, and visitors.

Recycling Rules

  • Flatten boxes, rinse containers, and bring items loose in a container, such as an 18-gallon bin or storage tote.
  • Bringing items in a black trash bag is NO LONGER permitted. If you must use a bag, put recycling in a clear plastic bag. DO NOT use city-provided green waste paper bags to bring items.
  • Secure shredded paper in a small paper bag and staple it shut.
  • If you miss your curbside recycling collection, we cannot accept items in your recycling cart. Bring them in an 18-gallon tote or bin.
  • Green Waste is NOT accepted. 
  • Materials may be rejected based on quantity, quality, and/or contamination. 
  • No trailer loads of materials are allowed. 
  • Plastic foam, commonly called Styrofoam, is accepted for drop-off, but it must be separate from other recyclables. Click here for more information before bringing items for drop-off.

What Can I Bring for Recycling?

View a printable PDF of this information.

• Plastic containers #1-7, less than 5-gallon, lids on
• Clean, dry paper: cardboard, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, catalogs, cereal boxes, phone books, etc.
• Glass bottles and jars
• Aluminum cans and bottles
• Steel and tin: food and beverage cans
• Shredded paper in a paper bag, stapled shut
• Dairy and juice cartons
Clean and dry, commonly called Styrofoam
Click here for more information
Flattened, clean and dry
Items that are mostly metal, such as:
• Hangers
• Chains
• Appliances, without Freon
 • Lawn mower, without fluids
• Water heater (emptied)
• BBQ grills (no ashes or coals)
• Bicycles

Electronic devices
Aluminum foil
Foil containers, baking tins
Drinking glasses
Plastic bags / wrap / film
Cups, plates, utensils
Plastic hangers
Tissues, paper towels napkins
Wax coated paper products
Coated paper bags
Cups, plates, utensils
Appliances with Freon
Helium tanks
Propane tanks
Items with fuel or liquids still in them
Wood, lumber
Green Waste: brush, leaves, trimmings
Items in Green Waste bags
Feed bags or pet food bags

Holiday Tree Mulching

For a limited time after Christmas, natural Christmas trees (free of flocking and decorations) can be dropped off at the City Recycle Center. View info flyer.

December 26 – January 11

Drop-off your natural trees at the City Recycle Center.
  • NO artificial trees
  • NO decorations (lights, garland, tinsel, stands, ornaments, etc.)
  • NO flocked trees (fake snow)

January 3 – January 11

Pick-up free holiday tree mulch at the City Recycle Center.

Tree mulch is for New Braunfels residents and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Mulch pick-up is self-load and residents will need to provide their own shovels and containers.