On-line Payments

Terms & Conditions

You must acknowledge the following terms to use this on-line payment system.
You must have your ticket number and know the amount due,*convenience fee applies.

You CAN use this service to pay ANY deferred disposition, driving safety course and/or dismissal fees. HOWEVER,  if you are requesting a driver safety course to resolve your citation DO NOT pay your citation in full on the website or over the phone.  This will close out your citation and will result in a conviction. (You must use the "DSC/Deferred/Dismissals/Parking" link when you are on the traffic payment website)

Important information when paying for active arrest warrants:

You may pay an active arrest warrant using this on-line payment system but you remain subject to arrest until the court has accepted your payment as a plea of no contest and processed the case for final disposition. This may take up to three (3) business days. To ensure the deactivation of an arrest warrant IMMEDIATELY, you must appear at the municipal court to pay your warrant. If you or a family member are currently under arrest, do not use this payment system, as it will not release them from jail. 

Please Note:  If you are wanting to set up a payment plan for your active warrant and have not already done so with the court, you must make your initial payment on the link that says "New Braunfels DSC/Deferred/Dismissals/Parking". THEN send the court an email requesting a payment plan with a plea of no contest or guilty and fill out and attach the Payment Plan Application .  Our email address is municourt@nbtexas.org .  It is your responsibility to stay in contact with the court regarding your citation or you could risk another warrant being issued for your arrest.


Payment information for non-warrant cases: (use the "Full & Partial Payments & Warrants" link when on the traffic payment website)

Fines may be paid over the Internet, 24 hours a day, using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit/debit card and knowing the CVV access code printed on the back of the card. To use this service you will need your citation number and amount due.

Payments in Full: (use the "Full & Partial Payments & Warrants" link when on the traffic payment website)

Persons wishing to pay for their citation in full prior to the court appearance date noted on the citation may use this system without prior court approval. For charges that require a court appearance you must contact the court no later than the date listed on the citation either in person or by mail to schedule your appearance. Contact the court for further information at 830-221-4180.

A single violation can be paid on a citation with multiple violations using a credit card, but paying one violation does not excuse your appearance requirements for any remaining violations. A payment via Internet will be processed as a plea of no contest and will result in the court finding you guilty of the offense as charged on your citation and a final conviction in your case. If applicable, such convictions will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety or to the state from which your driver’s license has been issued for inclusion on your driving record.

Court ordered payment plans: (use the "Full & Partial Payments & Warrants" link when on the traffic payment website)

This system will accept payments for court ordered payment plans. All required paperwork must be filed with and approved by the court prior to using this payment system. It is your responsibility to ensure that the court has recieved all your information.

Deferred disposition, driving safety course and dismissal fees: (use the "DSC/Deferred/Dismissals/Parking" link on the traffic payment website)

You must have the courts approval and the court must have recieved all the appropriate paperwork prior to making any payments. It is your responsibilty to ensure that the court has recieved all your information.


  • You cannot use this service to make a partial payments, unless you have made prior arrangements with the court.
  • You cannot use this service to pay a fine for a person in jail.
  • You cannot use this service to pay cash bond.
  • Alcohol or Tobacco Violations - There are age restrictions for certain alcohol (under 21) and tobacco (under 18) violations. You may not pay online but must appear before the judge first.
  • Juveniles – State law requires that juveniles (16 or younger) must make a personal appearance with a parent or legal guardian before the judge.

    Make on-line payments by credit card now or visit www.trafficpayment.com or call 1-800-444-1187.