Citation Options

Pay Fine

You may pay the fine and court costs for violation(s) you are charged with in person, by mail, credit card payment by phone or online. Methods of payment are visa, master card, discover, american express, money order, cashier's check and cash. Please make money order or cashier's check payable to the City of New Braunfels. PLEASE NOTE: The New Braunfels Municipal Court no longer accepts personal checks as a form of payment.

Payment Plans and Extensions

You may request to pay your fine/cost in payments to satisfy the judgment(s). You must appear in person or make your request by fax or by mail. The Judge will require you to fill out a time payment plan application, refusal to fill out the application will result in your payment plan being denied.

Driving Safety Course (DSC)

This option only applies to certain violations. Choosing this option will allow you 90 days to complete the course and request a certified copy of your driving record from the Department of Public Safety in Austin. You can prevent the citation from going on your driving record by successfully completing this course. The violation for which you have been charged can be dismissed, if you qualify. For further information, see the Driving Safety Course section.

Deferred Disposition (Probation)

This is another method for you to have your violation dismissed to prevent the offense from appearing on your driving or criminal record. You also may be required to take a driving safety course, attend counseling, attend anger management, maintain insurance, obtain a valid driver's license and/or other requirements as requested by the judge, as a condition of your probation. Deferred disposition is similar to DSC in that it is only granted once a year to have a violation dismissed. You may be required to appear in person, before the judge to make this request. For further information, see the Deferred Disposition section.

If you hold a Commercial Drivers License, you are not eligible for deferred disposition.

State law prohibits the deferred disposition option if a violation occurs in a construction zone when workers are present.

Community Service

If you are indigent and cannot pay all or any part of the fine/costs, the Municipal Court may allow you to satisfy judgment(s) through community service. You will be required to fill out an indigency application and you will be set on a docket to speak with the Judge, in person. If you have any paperwork regarding your indigent status, please provide that paperwork to the judge on your court date.

Request a Trial

You may plead Not Guilty and request a trial. You have the right to a jury trial or you can waive that right have your case heard before a judge. For further information, see the section on Court Appearances and Pleas.