Landa Park Master Plan

About the Project

In 2010 the Parks and Recreation Department initiated a Master Plan process for Landa Park and Landa Park Arboretum, as part of the overall Strategic Parks and Recreation Master Plan. At that time, two concepts for the future development of Landa Park were created. This 2016 Master Plan update will develop the two concepts into a comprehensive Landa Park and Arboretum Master Plan for future park planning efforts.

The design firm Asakura Robinson will be leading the project and is part of the City’s Indefinite Quantity/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) slate
of professionals. The Park and Recreation Advisory Board voted to recommend Asakura Robinson for the project at their meeting on
January 19, 2016. City Council approved the contract with Asakura Robinson for the project at their meeting on January 25, 2016.

Preparation of the plan will include a thorough public engagement effort. The scope of services includes: a comprehensive assessment
of all Landa Park facilities, maintenance programs, programming and visitor use, accessibility review for compliance with Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) and ADA, preparation of concept designs, draft Master Plan including graphics based on feedback from concepts, final adjustments to Master Plan as well as development of cost estimates and phasing options.
The project will kick on in with the first public input session in April and has an eight month schedule for completion.

Public Input Meetings:
Tuesday, July 26 at 6:00pm at Landa Haus in Landa Park.
Landa Haus is located at 360 Aquatic Circle
Cost Estimate $75,500 ($70,000 for the finalization of the Master Plan) ($5,500 for reimbursable expenses)
Funding Source $50,000 2011 Certificates of Obligation; $25,500 2012 Certificates of Obligation
Current Status-Progress Public Engagement
Next Step Continued Public Engagement