Donation FAQs

Does the library accept book donations?
Yes, the library accepts all book and other donations that may be added to the collection.

When can I drop off donations?
You can drop off small donations (under 4 boxes) anytime during library hours at the front desk or by car at the front of the library. If you drive to the front of the library, call 830-221-4300 for curbside assistance.
Large donations (over 5 boxes) should be dropped off by appointment only. Call 830-221-4300 for details.

Is there a limit to how many books/boxes I can donate?
No limit! However, please be aware that large donations (5 or more boxes/bags) will require a different drop-off time so the library can coordinate with the Friends of the Library.

Do I get a tax receipt?
You can request a tax receipt upon time of drop-off.

Can I keep my bags/boxes?
 Yes, but please let us know when you call so we can bring out the appropriate cart to move your items.

Where do I go for more donation information?
Call 830-221-4300 for more information or for curbside assistance.