The City of New Braunfels is currently developing a Public Transit Study for the community. This effort is looking at developing and expanding public transit service in New Braunfels in ways that will improve mobility for residents and visitors to our community. This planning effort has included strong community and stakeholder outreach to help assess transportation and mobility needs in the community. Additionally, the City and its partners have analyzed existing services in New Braunfels, completed a detailed demographic and travel patterns analysis, and developed a report on unmet transportation needs in the community. Each of these topics are addressed in the reports below. With the foundation of this information and analysis, service alternatives and strategies are being developed. The public and stakeholders have been engaged throughout this process and it is essential that community members continue to provide input on needs and proposed services.

Public Outreach Effort Report

This technical memorandum details the findings of the first round of outreach efforts for the New Braunfels Transit Study. As part of this study the project team and its partners have conducted a wide variety of outreach activities to better understand the mobility and transportation needs of the community and gauge their level of interest in the expansion of public transit services in New Braunfels. - Download Report

Review of Existing Services Report

This technical memorandum is part of the broader Existing and Future Conditions and Needs Analysis task of this planning effort. This memorandum outlines the existing transportation services in and around New Braunfels (including connecting services). - Download Report

Demographics, Land Uses, Travel Patterns Report

This technical memorandum assesses the existing demographic, employment, and travel conditions in New Braunfels, TX that influence current transportation trends and needs. Throughout, we summarize results from data available from New Braunfels’ Open Data site and Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (AAMPO) Geoportal and develop a community profile based on data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau (2017 American Community Survey, 5-year estimates). - Download Report

Unmet Needs and Transit Demand Report

This technical memorandum includes the background work necessary to make informed decisions regarding the design of a transit service both within New Braunfels and from adjacent communities. This memorandum follows the assessment of existing transportation services, a review of demographics and land uses and an extensive array of outreach activities/community input. - Download Report

Comments and Questions

Comments from the community about this process are important to the City of New Braunfels and its partners. The Alamo Area MPO has contracted with KFH Group to conduct this fixed-route transit study for the City of New Braunfels. Please contact KFH Group on what you hope the outcome of the project will be and what public transit in New Braunfels will mean to you.