Landa Park Rules

Rules & Regulations

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  • Park curfew for all parks: 12 Midnight to 6:00 am. Exception: Cypress Bend Park: Dusk to 8:00 am
  • Camping or overnight lodging is not allowed in any city park
  • No person may operate a motor vehicle at any park facility or wildlife preserve, except upon roads, driveways, parking areas, and areas designated open to motor vehicles except as authorized by the department
  • All persons shall comply with the signs and markers installed by the department
  • No person may use an area or facility for any purpose contrary to its designated purpose. Facility users may not exceed the maximum limit of people established for a facility. For example a single table maximum is 6 to 10 people
  • Nature trails are for pedestrian use only. Bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, etc. are prohibited
  • Wading and swimming permitted only in designated areas
  • Fishing is allowed only with a regular rod and reel. Net fishing is not permitted in environmentally sensitive areas. A state fishing license and freshwater fishing stamp are required per Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations.
  • Boating in Landa Lake is not allowed, except for park equipment
  • All habitat and wildlife are protected
  • It is unlawful to cut, destroy, or remove vegetation, trees, and deadwood without permission from park officials
  • All sites, objects, buildings, artifacts, implements, and locations of historical, archeological, geological, scientific or educational interest of every character located in, on or under the surface of any park facility and wildlife preserve are protected
  • No person may remove, excavate, take, dig into, or destroy any site, object, building, artifact, implement or location of archaeological, geological, scientific or historical interest without having permits as required by the State of Texas Natural Resources Codes, and without having permission of the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Metal detectors are not allowed in city parks.
  • No cremation remains shall be disposed of on park land without the expressed written consent of the Parks and Recreation director
  • The gathering of firewood is not allowed