Green Waste

*As of March 23, 2018, Green Waste bags will no longer be available at NBU's Main Office on Main Plaza.*

Curbside Collection

Green waste consists of plant trimmings that residents place in City-provided Green Waste paper bags or bundle with rope or twine for curbside collection on the same day as recycling.  This program is only available to residential ratepayers. Download the information flyer.

The collected Green Waste is delivered to the Comal County Rural Recycling location and chipped into free mulch. Curbside Green Waste collection is not provided to apartments, condominiums, or businesses.

Remember, don't trash your green waste - it jeopardizes the program. (¡NO ensucies tus deshechos de jardín y ramas! - in Espanol)

Collection Requirements

  • Use only paper green waste bags.
  • Branches: cut into 4-foot lengths and tie bundle with rope or twine.
  • Each bag and each bundle must weigh less than 40 pounds.
  • Place curbside no earlier than 8:00 pm the day before collection, and no later than 6:30 am on the day of collection.
Acceptable Green Waste Prohibited Items
Garden trimmings
Grass clippings
Natural Christmas trees
       (if 8ft or taller, must be cut in half;
                no flocking or decorations)
Building materials
Food waste
Yucca plants

Green Waste Bags

The City provides residential ratepayers Green Waste paper bags at the following locations:
  • City Recycle Center - 488 S Castell Ave
  • City Library - 700 E Common St
  • Landa Recreation Center - 164 Landa Park Dr    (Labor Day to Memorial Day Only)
  • McKenna Gym - 801 W San Antonio St
  • NBU Main Office - 263 Main Plaza *
  • City Hall - 550 Landa St

      *As of March 23, 2018, Green Waste bags will no longer be available at NBU's Main Office on Main Plaza.*


Bags are NOT for commercial use!


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