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Posted on: June 26, 2018

City Provides Multi-Tiered Emergency Alert System

The City of New Braunfels has a collection of systems designed to enhance emergency information coverage in our area when mass notification is required. The most recent addition is the Regional Emergency Alert Network (REAN) system

which services both land-line and a variety of electronic
devices, including cellular phones.  
Thissystem offers the option to designate alerts for specific addresses and whether
the notice will be delivered via phone call, text or email.
  Citizens must enroll to be a part of thissystem.   

If there
is a significant natural or man-made emergency in the area – flood, tornado,hazardous material spill, etc. – local officials have the ability to send
messages to all standard voice and text communication devices registered in theREAN, making registrants aware of the situation and providing instructions on
how to respond.
  This form ofnotification is often referred to as a “Reverse 911” type emergency call-out

Traditional systems such as this were previously limited toland-line phones, so if citizens were away from home or only used cell phone
services, they would not receive the information. Guadalupe, Comal, and BexarCounties have improved the system and now register cell phones, pagers, and/or
email accounts so that mobile contact information is included in the 911database and emergency notifications can be sent to almost any mobile
Enrolled citizens should alwaysupdate any changes to their contact information.

Participants can set alerts relevant to their home address,
work, school, or even the home of a relative in the tri-county area by creatinga separate registration for each address. They will then receive emergency
notifications for those specific areas on their mobile device.  
Registration is available at The information
entered is for emergency notification purposes only and will not be shared withany other entity.

Once registered, a conformation e-mail will be sent that
registrants’ primary email account.  
Theymust respond using the link in the email to activate the service.

In addition to the REAN system, the appropriate combinations
of a variety of other methods are activated when major events trigger thenecessity to inform citizens and visitors about potential risks to life and

            The NewBraunfels Outdoor Warning Siren system consists of eight sirens strategically
located throughout the city. In the event of an emergency, these sirens will beactivated, and a tone will be heard. Following a short tone, modulator sirens
will broadcast an explanation of what has occurred and what actions the publicshould take. Tone only sirens will broadcast only a tone. When the emergency
sirens are activated the public should tune to 1420 AM radio for additionalinformation. (Note, these sirens are tested on the first Tuesday of each month
audibly and every other Tuesday in a silent mode that electronically confirmsfunction.)

            In areas
of potential immediate impact, Police and Fire Department first responders maygo door-to-door with information.

traditional Emergency Notification System (similar to Reverse 911) allows forlocal target areas to receive pertinent warnings. This system notifies
immediately impacted residents and visitors that have land-line phones withinstructions to promote safety.
registration is required.

            The City’swebsite provides a drop-down Emergency Alert Banner with important alerts and
links to more detailed information concerning an emergency event.
  This information is accessed via computer or“smart” electronic devices.

access television (Time Warner Cable channel 21 and AT&T U-verse channel99) provides local notification and instructions on where to obtain additional

            As needed,radio 1420 AM and other regional media outlets supply detailed local emergency
information provided via contact with the City’s Emergency Operations Centerpersonnel.

Public Information/Communication personnel post information on the City of NewBraunfels Official, Police Department and Fire Department Facebook pages and
other social media outlets.

“Our New Braunfels Emergency Alert System incorporates avariety of technologies forming a unified system intended to optimize
communications during emergencies,” said Emergency Management CoordinatorAndrew Cardiel.  
“These options allow us
to provide important information about evolving situations and suggestedactions to take to preserve life and property.”

Citizens are strongly encouraged to stay situationally aware
of potential emergency situations and to utilize both local news media and Citysources to stay informed in the event of an actual emergency in our area.

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