The majority of information below is derived from the American Coatings Association.

Latex Paint

Liquid wastes are restricted from municipal solid waste landfills - never throw away leftover liquid paint in your trash. Wash paint brushes and painting tools in the sink. Never clean your paint brushes near a storm sewer.


Full cans of new, reusable latex paint may be accepted for reuse or resale by Habitat for Humanity.


Unused latex paint can be dried in the can. To speed up drying, add kitty litter, shredded newspaper, or sawdust. Once the paint is dried out, the can and the paint can be placed in your trash cart. We can recycle the metal paint cans at the City Recycle Center if you scrape out the dried paint first.


The City does not have a recycling program for paint. However, paint can be brought to an HHW event for proper disposal.

Solvent-Based Paint

Solvent-based or alkyd paints require special disposal practices. Solvent-based paints are ignitable and present particular hazards. These products should not be emptied into storm sewers, household drains, or on the ground. Clean paint brushes and painting tools with paint thinner or turpentine.


Do not place these paints in trash; they are ignitable and, therefore, a safety hazard. Bring solvent-based paints to an HHW event.

Paint Thinners, Turpentine, Mineral Spirits & Solvents

Paint thinners, turpentine, mineral spirits and solvents can be reused. These products, like solvent-based or alkyd paints, should not be emptied into storm sewers, household drains, or on the ground.


    1. Put used turpentine or brush cleaners in a closed container and leave it in a safe place until the paint particles settle to the bottom.
    2. Pour off the clear liquid into an empty, clean container that has a lid for reuse.
    3. Add an absorbent material such as kitty litter, shredded newspaper or sawdust to the remaining residue in the first container.
    4. Let this residue dry completely before disposing of it in your regular trash.
    5. Dry empty metal containers may be brought to the City Recycle Center for recycling.


Do not place these liquids in your trash cart.  Bring these to an HHW event.

Spray Paint


Cans containing paint should not be placed in your trash cart, as they are combustible and also contain liquids. These are accepted at City HHW events.