Plastic Bags

Options for Plastic Bags

Do not place plastic bags, plastic film, or shrink wrap into your blue recycle cart. Plastic bags are not recyclable through the curbside recycling service or at the City Recycle Center. These bags become entangled in the sorting machinery at the materials recovery facility where recyclables are sorted.

If you shred paper, please place the shredded paper into a paper bag . Use a clear or opaque plastic bag only if no paper bag is available and tie it in a knot.

Please take your plastic bags to local retailers, such as HEB, Target, Best Buy, or Walmart, for recycling. These locations have a drop-off recycling bin or barrel near their entrances just for plastic bags.

To reduce waste, consider using reusable bags at the grocery store instead of single-use plastic bags. Reusing plastic bags you do accumulate can also be a great alternative to disposal.
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