NBCERT (New Braunfels Community Emergency Response Team)

What is CERT?

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is an emergency preparedness program supported by the Department of Homeland Security. FEMA began promoting nationwide the use of CERT concept in 1994 based on a model created and implemented by the Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1985.

New Braunfels CERT was established by the City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in December of 2010 with support of the leadership of the City of New Braunfels.

NBCERT members receive special training to enhance their ability to support the OEM, city first responders and all other city departments during emergency/disaster events.

Over the course of the first three training sessions offered a total of 43 people participated in the 20-hour CERT certification process. There are currently 41 members that make up the NBCERT and another 21 New Braunfels High School students are currently taking the training. They will become certified in March of 2012 after completion of their final exercise.

NBCERT is seeking additional team members and the goal is to have a 200 member team to assist when the next flood, fire or other emergency event occurs in New Braunfels. Members range from high school students to retirees - and everyone brings something to the table. 


NBCERT provides an excellent opportunity for the citizens of New Braunfels to play an important role in helping safeguard, prepare for and respond to major emergencies and disasters.

If a disastrous event overwhelms or delays the City’s professional responders, NBCERT members can be called upon to assist others by applying their training. Their skills can assist in saving property and lives until additional help arrives and then they can continue to assist the professionals in a variety of ways.

In a disaster people want to help but many are turned away because of the time and resources it takes to train or to determine what skills a volunteer has to offer. NBCERT is an avenue for people to be involved in the process and help protect the community, as well as their own family members. 

How to join NBCERT?

A community that is better prepared will recover faster and the long term effects are not as devastating. Become a NBCERT member today, training is FREE!

To obtain additional information about CERT, contact Lisa Rubey, CERT Volunteer Program Manager at (830) 221-4223 or nbcertoffice@gmail.com or visit http://www.newbraunfelscert.org.