Digital Plats

  1. November Meeting Notice

    Subdivision applicants for the November Planning Commission meeting are NOT to use existing forms and to check back or send the Planning Division an email requesting an email notifying them the new forms are posted. Read On...
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Digital Plats
A digital copy of the plat must be submitted with the mylars before recordation. Digital master plans are also required.

Standards for Submission for Digital Plats, Master Plans and Other Documents

  • State Plane NAD 83 Texas South Central Zone 4204, in feet
  • Minimum three coordinate points for georeferencing
  • All parcel information must be converted to Autocad DXF files
  • All like information should be provided in one layer, e.g. all lot lines should be in the same layer called “lotlines” or other descriptive name
  • No three dimensional objects
  • Data to be provided on a CD or DVD, or electronically by email or ftp site. Large files may be compressed
  • One text style to be used; style to be named Standard
  • Street Names to be in all capital letters
  • No blocks or xrefs may be attached to the file to eliminate imbedded files. Detach COGO files and other survey files and submit to NBU only
  • All submissions must be to scale