Veramendi Development
The City has been in negotiations with the development group of the proposed Veramendi project. The initial Veramendi presentation outlines the development group’s vision for the property and tentative agreements reached between the City and developers with regard to issues like stormwater, parks and the development review process.

On March 29, 2012, the City Council held a special workshop with ASA Properties. The purpose of the session was to allow the public its first opportunity to hear ASA present its vision and concepts for the Veramendi development and Water Improvement District. The presentation gives some background information and outlines the vision for the project. View the initial Veramendi Presentation of March 29, 2012.
(Please allow a minute or two for the presentation to download the first time, as it is a large file.)

On December 18, 2012, City staff presented details of the tentative agreements between the City and ASA for a number of subject areas that included stormwater and drainage, traffic and parks. The presentation was recorded and is available online for viewing at:

View the Veramendi Presentation from the December 18, 2012 Special City Council Meeting/Workshop.

View the January 19, 2016 District 5 Forum presentation on Veramendi.

View the current Veramendi Development Agreement:

- Development Agreement
- Amendments to Development Agreement
- Development Agreement Exhibits Index
- Exhibits A - C Consent Resolution
- Exhibit D - Code of Ordinances
- Exhibit E - Development Standards
- Exhibits F - H Internal Traffic Improvements, Development Standards for Specialized Areas, Master Framework Plan
- Exhibit I - Stormwater Drainage Report
- Exhibits J - M Regional Stormwater Facility, Easement Property, and Escrow Agreement
- Exhibit N - Sedimentation Study Report
- Exhibits O - Q Comal County Flood Control Dam Watershed, Stormwater Facility Watershed, and German Creek Diversion Channel
- Exhibits R - U
- Exhibits V - Z
- Exhibit AA - Regional Park Locations
- Exhibit BB - District Division Plan
- Exhibit CC - Utility Agreement
- Exhibit DD - Strategic Partnership Agreement
- Exhibit EE - Application Fees
- First Amendment to Utility Agreement

*The Development Agreement Exhibit files are large and may take several minutes to load.

Additional information is also available at