Memorial Programs

Legacy Tree Program
Donation: $250 per tree


Donations to the Legacy Tree Program are used to purchase the tree, provide for the tree’s care and protection and help reforest our parks. The tree species will be selected by the City’s Urban Forester to best fit the planting location and to encourage a diverse and healthy urban forest.

Legacy Bench Program 
Donation: $1,100 per bench


Donations to the Legacy Bench Program are used to purchase a five-foot park bench. Benches provide a peaceful place of rest and reflection to park visitors and a plaque on the back rest will commemorate the honoree/event of your choice.

Main Plaza Brick Program 
Donation: $150 per brick 

“Preserving our Past, Paving our Future” Donations to the Brick Program are used to purchase an engraved brick to the donor’s specifications that will be installed a round Main Plaza. Funds will also be used to beautify and maintain the Plaza and the historic monuments, including the bandstand, which is a focal point in the landscape and history of New Braunfels. Bricks measure 8“x 4“x 2.5“

PLEASE NOTE: Trees, benches and bricks will be installed November through March only.

Please contact Dawn Williams for further details about these wonderful programs! 830-221-4367.

Memorial Programs Brochure