Note - any pre-disposition (no conviction entered) cases in which the defendant is < 21 years old and involves an offense under Texas Penal Code or Texas Alcohol & Beverage Code must appear in open court, unless otherwise specified by the Judge.  Upon a plea of no contest or guilty, a conviction will be entered and, if applicable, reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

Pay in Full

You may PAY ONLINE, by phone: (830) 221-4180, in person, or by mail: 550 Landa St., New Braunfels, TX 78130. The court accepts all major credit cards, cash, money orders, and cashier's checks.

Payment Plans

If you are unable to pay your fine/costs in full, you may submit a request for a payment plan. If requesting a payment plan, the minimum monthly payment is $50.00 if your total balance is below $500.00. Any balance higher than $500.00 will have a minimum monthly payment of $100.00.  This monthly payment amount is only the minimum.  You can pay more than this amount at anytime to pay your cases off faster.

Please note: a one-time $25.00 fee will be assessed on each case that has a remaining balance on the 31st day after conviction (if not not previously assessed).

Other Arrangements

Any other arrangements to satisfy the fine/costs, require that submit a written request for the Judge to review or that you appear in court in front of the Judge. 

When sending emails, if the attachment is larger than 25 megabytes, it will not come through to the court's email address. Always call to verify that an email has been received.

You can submit your request in person, by EMAIL, by fax: (830) 608-2148, or by mail: 550 Landa St., New Braunfels, TX 78130 you must include ALL of the following: 

  1. Request and plea of guilty or no contest (if not previously entered).
  2. The application for extension to pay
  3. Photo ID
  4. Signature (by typing your name at the bottom of your email or handwritten and attached)
  5. Current phone number
  6. Current mailing address
Tip: If you have a smart phone, you can take a picture of any handwritten requests, signatures, or other documentation and attach them to your email.