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Similar to what you see on TV, NBPD Crime Scene Technicians are responsible for collecting evidence from crime scenes, including:

  • Photographs - Using digital photography, the technician photographs the entire scene including long-range, mid-range, and close-up photos.  This also includes 360-degree photos around the exterior of the scene.
  • Fingerprints - Using brushes, powders, tape, and other materials, the technician collects partial and full fingerprint evidence throughout the crime scene.
  • Blood and DNA evidence - Using sterile cotton-tipped swabs, the technician collects blood and DNA-related evidence throughout the crime scene (including hair, sweat, saliva, and other bodily fluids).
  • Trace evidence - Using tape, tweezers, and other various tools, the technician collects trace evidence from throughout the crime scene, including fibers, dirt, and footprints. 

The New Braunfels Police Department has two Crime Scene Technicians that work in conjunction with the NBPD Patrol Division and the NBPD Criminal Investigations Division.  Working in shifts and on-call, these two technicians are able to respond to crime scenes nearly 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.


The NBPD Crime Scene Unit is the latest addition to the department's fleet of vehicles.  Drivers around New Braunfels will likely see one of the two 2016 Ford Transit Connects that have been converted into mobile evidence collection vehicles as they respond to crime scenes across the city.

The NBPD Crime Scene Unit works in conjunction with patrol officers and detectives in the CID (or Criminal Investigations Division), and actually runs the crime scene during the initial part of an investigation.  Then, once evidence has been collected, the Crime Scen Technician is responsible for processing that evidence in the lab back at NBPD Headquarters.  The Crime Scene Unit also assists SWAT, CID, and the Comal County Metro Narcotics Task Force in executing search warrants.  And the Crime Scene Technicians work with NBPD’s Crime Victim Liaison documenting the injuries sustained by victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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LEFT:  NBPD’s first-ever fulltime Crime Scene Technician, Tracy Green, helped create the department’s Crime Scene Unit which is responsible for collecting and processing evidence.  Originally from Florida, CST Green graduated with honors from Pensacola State College in 2014 with a degree in Criminal Justice.  She also has over 500 hours of specialized training in crime scene analysis.  She moved to Texas in January of 2015 and initially helped the Comal County Sheriff’s Office kick-start their Crime Scene Unit before moving to the New Braunfels Police Department in February of 2016.

RIGHT:  CST Bernal began working with the New Braunfels Police Department in 2014. She is the department’s newest addition to the Crime Scene Unit, beginning her career in Crime Scene Investigation in 2017. CST Bernal has completed 360+ hours of specialized training to include Forensic Photography, Death Investigation, Latent Print Processing, Forensic Entomology, Forensic Pathology, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and others.