1981: NBPD in the Comal County Fair Parade

CC Fair Parade
LEFT:  An NBPD patrol car makes its way through the Comal County Fair Parade in downtown New Braunfels.  Ofc. Kevin Clayton is behind the wheel as the vehicle makes its way down San Antonio Street.

1986: Take-Home Car Program Begins

New Police Cars - 1986 - 1
New Police Cars - 1986 - 2
ABOVE:  In February of 1986, NBPD began its first-ever take-home car program, where each officer was assigned a specific vehicle and it went home with them at the end of the day.  Chief Burney Boeck (above, left) hands the keys to Off. Kevin Clayton.  Chief Boeck told the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung that the take-home program increased the department’s presence in the community.  The new cars also helped the department have a more uniform and professional look, with the colors on the car matching the uniforms officers wore at the time.

1988: NBPD Softball Team

1988 Softball Team
ABOVE: Several NBPD officers were part of the New Braunfels team during the 1988 Texas Departmentof Public Safety Officers Association annual softball tournament.  In fact, the New Braunfels team took first place in the tournament in 1988.  Pictured (L-R):  Joe Fedor, Jon Lindley, Juan Gusme, (unknown), Jim Shea, Mike Rutherford, Dennis Conran, Gary Wong, David Campos, Scott Haag, and Tommy Gonzales.
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