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The NBPD Explorers program is designed for young adults (ages 14 - 20) who have an interest in law enforcement as a career. The program provides an opportunity for actual police officers to mentor and educate young adults that want to pursue a career in law enforcement. The program aims to promote strong character qualities and leadership skills with an emphasis on integrity, communication, goal setting, professionalism, decision making, problem solving, task management, and stress management. The program also encourages recruits to get involved in their community and to set an example for others.

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NBPD Police Explorers are expected to participate in three types of Explorer activities:

Community Activities  - These are activities where the Explorers directly engage members of the community.  These include being involved, organizing, facilitating, or assisting in special community events like meetings, banquets, seasonal events, fundraisers, community service/clean up events, police officer ride-alongs, etc.

Classroom Activities - These are activities that are the education, planning, and training side of the Explorer program.  Recruits will meet weekly to study, practice for scenarios, and interact with various law enforcement officers.

Competition Activities - These activities are events where Explorer posts from around the region and state gather to compete with one another on a variety of law enforcement-related scenarios.  These scenarios include: family violence disturbances, neighborhood disturbances, active shooter response, crime scene search, negotiations, building search, crash investigations, misdemeanor and felony traffic stops, and physical fitness.  Competitions also include academic tests on topics like the Penal Code, the U.S. Constitution, and the Code of Criminal Procedure. 


For more information about the NBPD Explorer program, please email us!

Email: explorers@nbtexas.org