Plan Implementation Status

In 2016, City Council directed we proceed with an update to our Comprehensive Plan, which was last updated in 1998. A Comprehensive Plan is the long-range plan that guides all city policy and decision making. The Comprehensive Plan, Envision New Braunfels, was developed through a robust public engagement process:

  • We created a 9-member steering committee made up of a Council Member, Planning Commissioner, Chamber President, School District Superintendents, County Commissioners, NBU board rep, and Economic Development Corporation chair
  • 9 plan element advisory groups, each representing a chapter in the plan, were together made up of approximately 400 residents
  • We had over 7500 participants online (through our website and surveys), over 1200 participants engaged on social media (through Facebook polls and conversation), 20+ news articles, over 1400 written comments, 37 community events, 16 Steering Committee meetings, 4 community-wide dialogues plus 9 public engagement meetings.

The process culminated by the unanimous adoption of the plan by City Council in August of 2018.

To keep our residents informed about the implementation progress of the plan, we looked at best practices around the state and have built an interactive update so that the public can check it as often as they like.

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