About the Plan

Often referred to as “a roadmap for the future,” the Comprehensive Plan is a long-range vision document that captures community-driven goals and objectives to guide local decision and policymakers on the City’s growth and development. It’s a vision for the future, created through public input, that reflects the needs and desires of residents. One of the most important steps in a comprehensive plan process is to identify elements that create a community. Envision New Braunfels is ‘comprehensive’ because it explores the following nine plan element areas.

  1. Growth and Future Land Use 

  2. Urban Design and Cultural, Heritage and Historic Preservation 

  3. Parks and Recreation 

  4. Economic Competitiveness 

  5. Tourism 

  6. Transportation

  7. Natural Resources and Infrastructure 

  8. Education and Youth

  9. Facilities, Services, and Capital Improvements