Public Art

Native Elements Artwork

located in the Castell Lobby.
Native Elements was created by local artist and business owner, Sheri Jentsch, as her first public mural. The abstract mosaic, arranged as a representation of New Braunfels’ rivers, is made of milled cedar planks, limestone, oak tree wood slices, cedar tree wood slices, mountain laurel red berries, pecans, river rock, wisteria pods, driftwood, acorns, burr oak pods, lichen branches and moss – all native elements to our community.
Civic Center-6.jpg

Hermann Seele Paintings

located in the concourse.
Hermann Seele is displayed in two downtown New Braunfels locations: in tile at 146 North Castell Avenue and in oil paint in the Civic/Convention Center. Five paintings depicting Seele’s life, on display in the concourse were created by Brent McCarthy, a New Braunfels resident and artist. These paintings were then scanned, enlarged, and transferred to bisque tiles as part of an outdoor mural. The Historic Outdoor Art Museum chose Seele as their subject due to his diverse contribution to the community as well as being the colony’s first teacher in 1845.
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Prince Carl Statue 

located on Seguin by the marquee.
Born July 27, 1812, Prince Carl of Solms Braunfels, was a German prince, a military officer and served as commissioner general of the first colony that the society, known as the Adlesverien, established in Texas.  He arrived on Texas soil on July 1, 1844, and purchased 1,265 acres on the Guadalupe River, including the Comal Springs, where he established the colony of New Braunfels, Texas on March 21, 1845. The life-sized bronze statue, created by local artist Paul Tadlock, stands guard in front of the Civic/Convention Center.

Civic Center-2.jpg


located in the concourse.
The New Braunfels Photographic Society's display, as part of Fotoseptiembre, is on exhibit from September 13th through September 29th, 2019. Fotoseptiembre is an annual photographic festival in San Antonio and the Hill Country featuring a variety of public photography exhibitions in the region.

Convention Center Concourse Display

Foto Fiesta

located in the concourse.
The New Braunfels Photographic Society's Foto Fiesta was on exhibit at the New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center October 2016.
Photographic Society Install 100316 4