NB VOICE - Performance Management

For the 2020/21 FY, the City of New Braunfels is piloting a new performance management philosophy, known as NB VOICE.

The City’s Performance Management Philosophy is to grow and develop all employees at all levels, continually cultivating the human potential to achieve shared success. The philosophy also includes the belief that every City employee is a leader, regardless of their position title. This philosophy requires shared responsibility and involvement from every employee and their supervisor/manager/director. 

The performance evaluation is an opportunity to review how an employee’s performance contributes to a department’s and the City’s ability to achieve its goals in serving our citizens. The evaluation includes an assessment of what an employee accomplished and how the accomplishments were achieved. The “what” are the goals achieved and the “how” are the leadership behaviors, traits and attributes demonstrated to achieve the goals. These behaviors, traits, and attributes, are collectively called City Leadership Practices

Employees and supervisors/managers/directors should have frequent performance discussions to ensure a mutual understanding of expectations and alignment on an employee’s performance. The Performance Review form, therefore, serves as a guidepost for a quality discussion focused on clarity of expectations and the “what” and “how” of results achieved; as well as a focus on the future - how an employee can contribute more fully and further grow and develop their skills, including behaviors. 

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