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The City of New Braunfels Fire Department is now accepting applications to answer the call to serve. The New Braunfels Fire Department was founded in 1885, making it one of the oldest departments in the state. That rich history, along with multi-faceted lines of service, creates a sense of family while serving the community at large.

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Eligibility & Qualifications

Suitability for appointment to a beginning position in the New Braunfels Fire Department includes the applicant holding a minimum certification as a Basic Firefighter in good standing with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection prior to the written examination date. Additionally, the applicant must hold a minimum certification as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician in good standing with the Texas Department of State Health Services prior to the written examination date.

The following list includes the minimum qualifications for a suitable appointment for the beginning position: 

  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time and date of the written examination. 
  • Must not have reached 40 years of age prior to the date of the written examination. 
  • High School Diploma, G.E.D., or Home School transcript indicating completion. 
  • Must provide proof of your current valid Texas Driver’s License (or must be able to obtain as required by Texas State law if current Driver’s License if from another licensing state within the United States) 
  • Must provide proof of a valid Social Security Card. 
  • Must be a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization; or legally eligible to work in the U.S. 
  • Must be able to read, write, and converse in English fluently. 
  • Must not have any of the disqualifying items listed in the “Additional Suitability Factors.”

Written Exam & Swim Test
Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications must pass a Civil Service entry-level written examination with a minimum passing score of 70% or better. The exam consists of up to one hundred questions with a two-hour time limit. Veterans are eligible to receive five additional points after passing the exam with a minimum of 70%. If appropriate, a copy of the applicant’s DD-214 must be received by the date specified in the examination announcement in order to have the veteran’s preference points added to the passing score. With the highest score at the top and the lowest passing score at the bottom, applicants who pass the entrance examination are placed on an eligibility list. All applicants who successfully pass the written examination will immediately move on to the SWIM TEST portion of the Physical Agility Test. 

Hiring Process
Prior to being hired, applicants must successfully complete all steps below: 

  • Complete and submit an Employment Application Packet and a Personal History Packet
  • Receive an invitation to test and overview of the hiring process (sent via email)
  • Interview Board
  • Pass a written examination 
  • Pass physical agility and swim test
  • Receive a conditional job offer 
  • Pass a comprehensive background investigation
  • Pass a polygraph examination
  • Pass a physical examination, including pre-employment drug screen & vision requirements 
  • Be reviewed and appointed by the City Manager
  1. Pay & Benefits
  2. Quality of Life
  3. Career Paths

STARTING ANNUAL BASE PAY FOR FIREFIGHTER: $54,773.00 (not including approximate built-in over-time of $4,200 per year) 

  • EMT – Paramedic: $3000 
  • TCFP Intermediate Firefighter: $600, Advanced Firefighter: $1,200/Master Firefighter: $1,800
  • EMT – Intermediate: $1,800
  • EMS/Fire Instructor: $300 
  • Fire & Arson Assignment: $1,800
  • Bilingual ability (Spanish or German only, test required): $300
  • Associates Degree: $600, Bachelor’s Degree: $1,200, Master’s Degree: $1,800 


  • 48/96 Work Schedule
  • Vacation – 180 Hours per year for the first 2 years 
  • Military Leave 
  • Sick Leave – 180 Hours per year 
  • Bereavement – 24 Hours per year 
  • Longevity - $6.50 per month TMRS – 7%; 2 to 1 City Match 
  • Medical, Vision, Dental and Life Insurance 
  • Twelve (12) Paid Holidays 
  • Uniforms and Equipment 
  • Tuition Reimbursement 
  • Employee Assistance Program 

*Note: All insurance products are offered and effective on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment.