Residential Garbage


Residential solid waste is collected once per week from green (for garbage) and blue (for recycling), 96-gallon, City-provided wheeled carts. Upon request, a smaller, 48-gallon cart is usually available. The monthly rate is the same for either size. For those would like an additional cart for weekly collection, a second cart can be requested for a fee and additional monthly cost.

Please Remember:

Bag and tie so trash won’t fly: Please bag all garbage and tightly secure the top of the trash bags before placing them in your cart. Small, loose items can “escape” when our trucks dump your cart causing windblown litter. Bagging garbage also prevents odors and residue in trash carts. Residents are responsible for cleaning their cart(s).

Please place your cart at the curb no earlier than 8 p.m. the night before your collection day.

Place your cart at the curb no later than 6:30 a.m. on your collection day.

Please keep your cart five feet away from any obstacles, including your mailbox or vehicle parked in the street. If your cart is blocked, our driver may have to skip it and there may be a fee to return

The cart lid must be closed for collection. Carts that are overfull may be skipped, and excess trash or recycling will need to be removed before we can return. There may be a fee to return. To purchase a tag for excess garbage, see the additional resources section below.

Let us know if a cart is lost or needs repair. Our container techs are happy to help!

Please keep these items out of your trash cart:

Bulky appliances,  TV's, and all other electronics

Construction debris (including bricks, dirt, and rocks)

Dead animals

Flammable or combustible liquids or gasses (empty propane tanks are ok)

Household Hazardous Waste (Chemicals, cleaners, pain thinners, etc.)

Green Waste (tree branches, grass clippings, etc.)

Hot ashes or coals



Use this interactive map to find out when trash and recycling is collected on your street. 

Use the ADDRESS SEARCH area on the left side of the map and enter your address!


Residential Service Resources

  1. Residential Service Fees
  2. Permitted Private Haulers
  3. Contact Us

Residential Service Fees

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Additional Resources

  1. Excess Garbage Tags
  2. Brush & Branches
  3. Furniture & Appliances
  4. Dumpsters

Excess Garbage Tags

Occasionally, you may have excess bagged garbage that will not fit in your garbage cart. In order for any garbage to be picked up, it must fit in your cart with the lid closed, or if outside the cart, it must have a City-issued excess garbage tag attached to the bag. You can purchase five tags for $10 plus tax at:

  • City Municipal Building - 424 S Castell Ave
  • New Braunfels Utilities - 263 Main Plaza