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Bulky Goods Drop Off Events

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Bulky Goods Day 029 - web size photo_archived(12646471-9E7B+13-231).jpgBulky Goods Dropoff is a service offered quarterly to City of New Braunfels residents for residential garbage. Only one load per household, per event. Please transport your items in your vehicle or truck bed, as all trailers must go to the landfill.  The City operates sites where residents drive up to drop-off a maximum of five oversized, non-metal items and 4 tires are permitted per household, per event.  Residents can also take items to the landfill for no charge on designated dates (see landfill information below).

There are alternatives for for many items that are not accepted at BGD events.  View the table of options here.

Provided for City of New Braunfels residential ratepayers only - bring a current utility bill and state-issued photo ID to participate.

No commercial waste - residential garbage only!

Important: the last car in line at 11 o'clock will be the last assisted.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

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hhw2.jpgWhy Is HHW Prohibited In Garbage?

Chemicals react with other non-hazardous trash, creating toxic fumes or fires in your garbage cart or in the City garbage truck. Fumes and fires create a real danger to you, the City staff, other drivers, and landfill employees. Over the long term, chemicals placed carelessly in the trash can eventually seep down through the landfill's protective clay barrier and into the ground or groundwater.

Electronics Recycling

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Electronics Drop OffRecycling electronics saves space in landfills and prevents environmental pollution.

Texas Recycling Laws & Information
By state law, computer manufacturers (not retailers) must take back computers (desktops and laptops), monitor, keyboard and mouse for recycling, at no charge to the consumer.

To learn more about this state law, and find a list of manufacturers and the links to their programs, visit the Texas Recycles Computers website.

For more information about electronics recycling in Texas, visit the TCEQ's website.

Prescription Drug Disposal

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The information below is based on information found at the EPA's website and through guidelines published by the Office of National Drug Control Policy as of October 2009.

Traces of a number of pharmaceuticals are found in drinking water. This is in part because our bodies do not process our medicines in their entirety, and traces are excreted in our urine. Additionally, for a number of years, people were advised to flush their medicines down the toilet. Either entry of the drugs into the wastewater system may create problems, as many of these chemicals cannot be filtered through treatment.

On the other hand, when loosely placed in your garbage can, animals, children, and even other adults may gain access to medicine and become poisoned. Additionally, over time, loose medicines degrade into the landfill, through the ground and again into our ground water systems.


  • Do not flush medicines.
  • Do not place loose pills and liquids in your trash

Needles (SHARPS), Syringes & Lancets

Do not flush needles down the toilet. It is not illegal to put your needles in the trash as long as you follow these instructions:

  1. Place needles in a rigid plastic container, such as a laundry detergent bottle.
  2. Pour plaster of paris inside container, which renders the needles useless to scavengers.
  3. Place a lid on the container and duct tape it shut. Mark the container "SHARPS" and place it in your trash; never place it in your recycle bin.

Click here to read a TCEQ flyer about disposals of SHARPS.

The preferred method of needle disposal is filtered incineration. This prevents blood-borne pathogens and medicines from entering the ground water system. There is no known local drop-off program for this service. However, such a service can be purchased and usually involves a mail-back program.

Scout the Raccoon

Scout, the Green Raccoon – a Hometown Hero!

Front_blank shirt.JPGScout, a Hometown Hero! Deep in the heart of Texas is the beautiful city of New Braunfels - a city known for two rivers flowing through it, ancient trees, diverse wildlife, and friendly people. In this city lives a very curious raccoon named Scout.

Scout loves to explore New Braunfels. He climbs the tallest trees and looks out over the city, to watch people walking in nature, jogging, and having picnics in the parks. He ventures down to the riverbanks to watch people splashing in the summer sun. Scout also loves to see people singing and dancing at festivals and events all around New Braunfels. However, sometimes he is discouraged when he sees the natural beauty of the area scattered with litter.

During one of Scout’s lookout treks, he spied a large garbage truck driving through neighborhoods, emptying containers of trash placed at the curb. Curious Scout decided to find out where the garbage trucks were going and why.

He stowed away on the back of a garbage truck, which went to the nearby landfill. Scout was amazed at the mountain of trash there! The truck’s driver spied Scout, and taught the curious raccoon all about recycling and reducing waste.

“It’s important to reuse the things we can,” the driver said.

“Not everyone knows this - something needs to be done about it,” Scout thought.

Scout decided he should take action. His animal friends dubbed him “Scout, the Green Raccoon” for his dedication to reducing waste and encouraging recycling and they even made a superhero outfit for him to wear, because his task was so important!

Now, Scout goes all over New Braunfels to teach about recycling and waste reduction. “So many household containers can be recycled,” says Scout. “Cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, jelly jars, yesterday’s newspaper, and even milk cartons!”

Like Scout, we can always be on the lookout for ways to recycle and reuse items and be hometown heroes in our community!

Schedule a Presentation with Scout
To promote the City’s commitment to protect the environment and encourage recycling, Scout offers free recycling presentations to schools and learning centers, as well as civic, social, and business organizations. Look for Scout to make appearances at events throughout the year.

To schedule a presentation, contact the Solid Waste & Recycling Division at 830-221-4040.