Support Services Division

The Support Services Division of the New Braunfels Police Department is responsible for three key areas:

  • 911 Dispatch & Emergency Communications - consists of one 911 Center Supervisor and 15 full-time 911 emergency dispatchers (each of which is a TCOLE certified telecommunications operator)
  • Records - consists of 8 full-time records clerks and 1 part time records clerk
  • Evidence – consists of two evidence technicians
The Support Services Division is led by a Captain and a Lieutenant who oversee this nearly 30-member team of employees.
  1. Records Unit
  2. Evidence Unit

NBPD Records Unit

Records Unit banner 1The NBPD Records Unit processes and maintains offense reports and accident reports, distributes case reports to the appropriate court systems, responsible for open record requests (Click here for the Request for Public Information Form), conducts statistical reports and collects crime statistics, is responsible for documenting and reporting crime statistics through the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), and conducts background checks.

Learn More About Making an Open Records Request

911 Dispatch Center

911 Dispatch squareGet Help in an Emergency - Dial 911: When you call for help, what you say is important. Stay calm and speak clearly. Say what is wrong and what kind of help you need. Tell the 911 operator where the emergency is. Give your name and number, or remain anonymous. Follow the operator's instructions-stay on the line until you are told to hang up.

The New Braunfels Police Department 911 Center is a full-service 911-enhanced communications center. 

The center is responsible for the dispatching of police, fire, and EMS calls. 

The telecommunication operators are TCLEOSE certified to provide pre-arrival emergency medical instructions when needed, and TTY trained for the hearing impaired. In addition, all telecommunication operators must successfully complete our 12-week certified training program.

  1. Emergencies Only
  2. Text 911
  3. Emergency Alert Notifications (Reverse 911)

Emergencies Only

Calling 911 can save valuable time in an emergency. Some people aren’t sure when to call 911. They call 911 for reasons other than emergencies. To complain about barking dogs, to ask directions, to report the power is out, or to check on road conditions. 

Remember, calling 911 is for real emergencies; situations when you need police, fire, or an ambulance in a hurry. When people don’t use 911 properly, or abuse the system making silent or abusive calls, they tie up the phone lines and make it hard for others who really need help right away to get through. 

Making Silent or Abusive Calls to 911

Penal code statute 42.061: A person commits an offense if the person makes a telephone call to 911 when there is not an emergency and knowingly or intentionally:

  • Remains silent
  • Makes abusive or harassing statements to a PSAP employee

A person commits an offense if the person knowingly permits a telephone under the person's control to be used by another person in a manner described above. An offense under this section is a Class B Misdemeanor.