The NBPD Criminal Investigations Division includes: 

  • One Detective Lieutenant
  • Two Detective Sergeants
  • Thirteen Detectives
  • One Narcotics Task Force Sergeant
  • Three Narcotics Task Force Officers
  • One DEA Task Force Officer
  • Two FBI Safe Streets Task Force Officers
  • One Officer assigned to the US Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force
  • Two Crime Scene Technician
All investigators and personnel can be reached at (830) 221-4100. 
  1. Detectives
  2. Crime Scene Technicians

NBPD detectiveDetectives in the Criminal Investigations Division are responsible for: 

  • Investigating crimes against persons and property 
  • Special and undercover operations to include narcotic and gang activities as well as computer crimes and organized crime, etc. 
  • Conducting in-depth investigations 
  • Gathering intelligence on criminal activity 
  • Coordinating investigations with other agencies 
  • Preparing cases for presentation to the Grand Jury
  • Obtaining and serving warrants of arrest and search
  • Working closely with prosecutors and local courts
  • Collection of crime scene data
  • Processing all fingerprints and photographs
  • Operation of the department's internal criminal lab, mobile crime unit, crime victims' liaison services, and sex offender registration and compliance

Victim Services

purple hand - be the changeThe New Braunfels Police Department is concerned when a member of the New Braunfels community becomes a victim of crime.  The New Braunfels Police Department’s Crime Victim Liaisons work under the command of the Criminal Investigations Division to insure that victims of violent crimes, domestic violence, and sexual assault are receiving necessary resources to begin healing.  Victim Services can assist you with any questions you may have concerning the criminal justice system, your rights, and resources in the community that can help you.

The NBPD Crime Victim Liaisons work closely with the prosecutor’s office, the Crisis Center of Comal County, and other various local agencies to ensure that victims are afforded their rights and to make the transition through the court system as smooth as possible.  The Crime Victim Liaisons are also available to assist victims with all paperwork regarding the Texas Attorney General’s Crime Victims’ Compensation Program.

For more information on these services, call the New Braunfels Police Department’s Crime Victim Liaisons:

Priscilla Drozd at (830) 221-4576 or email Priscilla Drozd

Or you can get more information by downloading the NBPD Victim Services brochure:

View NBPD's Crime Victim Services Brochure

(Click Here for the brochure in Spanish)

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