Historic Cemeteries


The City of New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Department operates two historic cemeteries, the Comal Cemetery and the New Braunfels Cemetery. These are places of remembrance and we ask that you be respectful and courteous when touring the cemeteries.

Historic Cemeteries in New Braunfels

Comal Cemetery.JPGComal Cemetery

Located at 301 Peace Avenue, this beautiful cemetery was established in 1868. It encompasses twenty-five acres and has 12,550 burials to date. 

The Comal Cemetery was designated as a Historic Texas Cemetery by the Texas Historic Commission in 2000.

Map of Comal Cemetery 

New Braunfels Cemetery.jpgNew Braunfels Cemetery

Located at the corner of Business 35 and Grape Avenue, this interesting cemetery was dedicated in 1845. It is the site of a subject marker from the Texas Historic Commission. This cemetery covers 4.7 acres and has 1,075 known burials - along with hundreds of unmarked burials. There are 185 unoccupied plots.

Field of Graves Memorial Project

  1. Cemetery Clean-Up
  2. Cemetery Committee
  3. Cemetery Preservation Plan

Cemetery Clean-up

The City of New Braunfels schedules Cemetery clean-up dates twice a year:

  • Week before Easter each year
  • First week in Oct. each year

Signage providing notice will be placed at each cemetery prior to the scheduled clean-up date.