Master Plan Process & Information


A Master Plan is a generalized plan indicating the boundaries of a tract or tracts under common ownership and identifying proposed land use, land-use intensity, and thoroughfare alignment. It is the first or introductory plan for a proposed subdivision that will be developed and recorded in several phases. A Master Plan is required when the property owner intends to develop/subdivide only a portion of a larger tract where the remainder will be developed/subdivided later.

Step By Step - Master Plan Process Guide

The Steps below are associated with the Tabs at the bottom of the page under Master Plan Resources. 

Step 1: Acquire Letters of Certification (LOC) from required entities per the adopted Subdivision Platting Ordinance

Step 2: Complete the Fee Calculations using provided calculator. Fees can be paid at submittal.

Step 3: Complete Application in its entirety, to include: Checklist, Calculated Fees, LOC's.

Step 4: Submit a Completed Digital Package as described in the Plat Application Submittal Instructions during the Submittal Window. Staff will inspect submittal package to confirm all required materials have been included to proceed to Step 5. 

  • If Accepted: A Case Manager is assigned and Step 5 commences.
  • If Returned: Applicant shall make adjustments and resubmit per Submittal Window.

Step 5: Staff performs Technical Completeness Review of the submitted materials. 

  • If Complete: The application is accepted for a complete review and entered into Cityworks. 
  • If Incomplete: Applicant shall make adjustments and resubmit per Submittal Window

Step 6: Application is distributed to reviewing entities. Entities will notify Case Manager of any deficiencies.

Step 7: Case Manager compiles deficiencies into a report and proceeds in one of the two following ways.

  • The Report is Added to the Planning Commission Agenda resulting in one of the three outcomes listed below.
    • Approved
    • Approved with conditions - Applicant can resubmit at any time
    • Denied - Resubmit based on Submittal Window
  • Administrative Review
    • Approved
    • Approved with conditions - Applicant can resubmit at any time
    • Denied - Resubmit based on Submittal Window

Platting Entitlement Process Flowchart - Current Anticipated Timeline for Plat Application Processing

Master Plan Resources

  1. Step 1 - LOC's
  2. Step 2 - Calculate Fees
  3. Step 3 - Application
  4. Step 4 - Submit

The following Letters of Certification (LOC) are required for a Master Plan to be submitted:


Traffic Impact Analysis Process
Preliminary Plat Letter of Certification
Application for LOC
Checklist for Master Plan LOC
Checklist for Traffic Impact Analysis

Once the above items are complete you can submit online via the Permitting Portal
Questions? Contact or (830) 221-2016

Utility Providers

To include water and wastewater availability, capacity, distance to the existing line(s) from the project.
View Utility Providers and LOC Forms
View Sample LOC

Texas Department of Transportation

As it pertains to Access and Right of Way.
Contact TXDOT
View Sample LOC

Local Counties

Conditional Approval if installing Private Wellsand/or Onsite Sewage Facilities
Contact Comal County
Contact Guadalupe County