Traffic Impact Analysis


Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) studies are intended to determine the need for any improvements to the adjacent and nearby transportation system to maintain a satisfactory level of service, an acceptable level of safety, and the appropriate access provisions for a proposed development. The review process ensures the following: an open discussion between the city and developer regarding traffic aspects of site development; a fair assessment of impacts and need for improvements; and an awareness of other developments or transportation projects under construction, pending, or anticipated. TIA Worksheets and Reports should be prepared under the supervision of a qualified and experienced transportation professional with specific training in traffic engineering and several years of experience preparing transportation studies. TIA Reports shall be signed and sealed by a registered professional engineer.

A TIA Worksheet or Report shall be completed by the developer and approved by the city engineer for a master plan, plat, or permit. A TIA Report may also be required by the Planning Director, Planning Commission, or City Council as part of a zoning change application. The steps below outline the TIA process, including the determination, scoping, and review. The TIA process may run concurrently with the Letter of Certification (LOC) and permit review; however, an approved TIA Worksheet or Report is required before LOC approval or permit issuance.

Step 1:

Complete the TIA Determination Form for the proposed project. If the specific land use is unknown, the TIA Determination Form shall be based on the Future Land Use Plan considering existing topography and comparable properties.

Step 2:

Submit the completed TIA Determination Form and a Proposed Site Exhibit via the Permitting Portal

The Proposed Development Site Exhibit shall include the following:

  • Location map with subdivision (site) boundaries, adjacent and opposite streets and access, north arrow
  • Existing and proposed subdivision (site) access

If the determination is for a phase or unit of development with a previously approved TIA Report, submit the previously approved TIA Report.

Step 3:

Staff reviews and determines if a TIA Worksheet, Report, or additional information is required with the proposed project and returns a written determination to the applicant.

Step 4:

If a TIA Worksheet is required, the TIA process is finalized. The TIA Worksheet shall be completed by the applicant and submitted with the LOC and Permit application.

If a TIA Report or additional information is required, the applicant shall schedule a TIA scoping meeting with staff via or 830-221-4016.

Step 5:

Staff and the applicant meet to scope TIA Report requirements and agree on the TIA Scoping Meeting Worksheet.

Step 6:

The TIA Report shall be completed by the applicant and submitted via the Permitting Portal with the appropriate review fee payment.

Step 7:

Staff reviews the TIA Report through the Permitting Portal, resulting in three outcomes: approved, approved with conditions, or request for information, including review comments.

If approved, staff will issue a TIA Report approval letter to be provided with LOC and permit applications.

Step 8:

If revisions to the TIA Report approved through the TIA process are necessary, the TIA Report shall be revised following Steps 4-7.

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