Engineering Letter of Certification Process


A Letter of Certification (LOC) from the Engineering Division is required for each step of the Platting Process. The LOC from Engineering only provides review and approval of the appropriate level drainage report and the traffic impact analysis (TIA) worksheet and/or TIA report, it does not provide approval for the plat or master plan.

Step 1: Applicant submits the following items via the Permitting Portal.

Note: documents in excess of 30MB will need to be reduced prior to upload.

*Letter of No Change in Drainage applicable for plats with no intended development at this time

Step 2: Staff conducts a completeness review, fees are attributed to the LOC and are due via the Permitting Portal prior to staff review. Once payment is made, notice to staff is required.

Step 3: Staff reviews and returns LOC or request for information (RFI) to applicant. If approved, the LOC shall be included in the plat or master plan submittal. If comments are provided, corrected documents and letter of response should be uploaded via the Permitting Portal. Email Staff Contact to begin additional review after all revised documents have been uploaded.

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