City Manager

The Office of the City Manager provides policy direction and executive leadership for the effective operations of all municipal services for the City of New Braunfels as directed by the City Council and serves as the focal point for the management of the City staff.

The City of New Braunfels will add value to our community by planning for the future, providing quality services, encouraging community involvement, and being responsive to those we serve.

Core Values

  • Integrity: We operate with integrity, holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance, transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct.
  • Service: We are responsive and respectful to those we serve with an attitude that everything is worth our best effort.
  • Visionary leadership: We anticipate needs, look to our community’s future, and execute to achieve our goals.
  • Stewardship of local resources: We use our resources responsibly. We treasure our unique heritage and natural environment and wish to preserve it for future generations.
  • Fiscal responsibility: Our decisions reflect sound fiscal management and prudence.

Strategic Priorities


  • Use a variety of funding sources for operational and capital needs
  • Continue an ongoing program of infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • Develop operating and capital improvement plans based on realistic population and revenue projections to meet anticipated service demands

Public Safety

  • Maintain and review benchmarks for public safety services delivery
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive program for watershed issues
  • Continue to develop proactive programs for traffic control
  • Develop and enhance community partnerships with residential neighborhoods, business, and other entities

Effective Management

  • Maintain fiscal stability of City operations
  • Maintain an ongoing program for improving customer service
  • Create a comprehensive program for communicating with the public
  • Be proactive in influencing legislative policies
  • Promote and encourage a sustainable high-performing workforce and environment

 Quality of Life

  • Implement comprehensive programs to address quality-of-life issues identified in the community needs assessment, especially as it pertains to youth
  • Ensure expanded age-appropriate recreational, literacy and enrichment opportunities
  • Preserve and improve our open space
  • Protect the integrity of our neighborhoods

Growth and Development

  • Establish a vision for the future of the City of New Braunfels
  • Work with existing entities to ensure sustainable quality development
  • Improve the development process to make it more customer-friendly
  • Continue to develop year-round tourism
  • Ensure community connectivity and mobility