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Museum Memorabilia Desired

The New Braunfels Fire Department Museum would proudly accept or display any old New Braunfels Fire Department photos, uniform items, or equipment that you may have in your possession. Please contact Lieutenant Greg Guenther at 830-221-4200 if you would like to contribute.

Museum Tours

To arrange a tour of the museum, please contact Fire Administration at (830) 221-4200

A Peek Inside the Museum

1886 Hose Cart

1886 Hose CartThe kerosene torch on this hose cart was held by a young man who would run ahead of the hosecart at night to light the way to the fire. It was pulled by firefighters to the fire scene.
1950 Ford Pumper
1950 Ford PumperThis Ford pumper has a 750 gallon per minute pump, eight cylinders, and is still used today in parades and as the hearse for firefighter funerals.
1923 LaFrance Pumper
1923 LaFrance PumperThis 1923 LaFrance is a 105 horsepower, six cylinder triple combination 750 gallon per minute pumper. The spokes on the rims of the tires are made of wood, and the rear axle is chain driven.
1931 American LaFrance
1931 LaFrance Ladder TruckThis 1931 American LaFrance six cylinder open cab ladder truck came with a pressurized water tank. It has eight different oak wood ladders totalling 175 feet.
Bucket Brigade Buckets
Bucket Brigade BucketsDuring the days of the bucket brigade, every homeowner had a bucket on their porch. When a fire alarm rang out, they would throw these buckets out to the passing fire crews. Once the fire was out, not every bucket made its way back to the homeowner because the buckets could be used for things other than water. Therefore, some unique designs appeared that would force the bucket to be hung, rather than be used for other purposes.
Communication Gear
Communication GearBefore radios, firemen were dispatched by a siren. Seen here are various old tube type radios and associated pagers. Two hand-written logs of fire scene events may also be seen in this picture. The box in the bottom right of the picture turned the two existing stop lights red so fire apparatus could safely pass.
ToolsSeen are various hydrant and spanner wrenches. Also shown are some different nozzles that were used in the past.
Helmets & Clothing
HelmetsSeen here are various styles of helmets used by the New Braunfels Fire Department. The coat was asbestos with matching gloves and head gear.
Metal Helmet
Metal HelmetsThis helmet is made of metal. It was used long ago by some of the first New Braunfels firemen. The metal conducted heat and was heavy. Designs changed to leather and now fiberglass composite material.
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