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Downtown Special Event/Street Closure Application

  1. Please note that closures on consecutive days are prohibited. 

  2. All downtown special events requiring street closures must contribute to the economic enhancement, cultural enrichment, and/or promotion of Downtown New Braunfels. The applicant must provide a narrative description of how the event will accomplish this goal and list any negative impacts such as, but not limited to, disruptions to traffic and commerce, incidental damage to public property, parking overflow, accumulation of waste, or hardships that may occur as a result of the event. 

  3. This diagram must include (at minimum) the following information in an easy to read format:

    -proposed barricade placement

    -location of any proposed event activity, including but not limited to: vendors, generators or other power sources, stages, tents and canopies, bounce houses, cable ramping, restrooms, solid waste collection and disposal, traffic direction (for ambulatory events), first aid and emergency services, and event headquarters/information station, & locations for alcohol service and sales

  4. A complete public safety plan must include communication protocols and contact lists, media protocols, weather monitoring plans, crowd control, and safety plans, first aid plans, staff assignments, a medical plan, and an evacuation plan (including plans for mass casualty/mass evacuations for all events expected to draw a crowd of over 500 attendees).

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